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Christoph Reichenbach


I am a Senior Lecturer at Lund University, specialising in Software Technology. My university home page is here. Most of my current research is funded by the Wallenberg AI, Autonomous Systems, and Software Project (WASP).
My current research interests include:


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Previously I served as junior professor for Software Engineering and Programming Languages at Goethe University Frankfurt. Before that, I worked in the software industry at Google, and in research, both at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, on parallelisable query languages for Java, as a postdoctoral fellow with Yannis Smaragdakis.

I completed my PhD on program metamorphosis at the University of Colorado at Boulder in 2010. Program metamorphosis is a novel technique for interactive multi-step program transformation with strong behaviour preservation guarantees and described in more detail here. My PhD supervisor was Amer Diwan (now at Google).

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